• Sonia Jackson

The Power of Prayer

There are many reasons why we pray. We pray when we are in need of something, we pray when we are in fear and want peace of mind. We pray when there’s a crisis or have problems and difficulties. We pray for others; Family, friends, the government. We pray for a bright future. We pray for guidance, understanding, love and more. We pray in gratitude and thanksgiving. We pray for everything.

God is all there is, everywhere so It lives in me and in you. So we also pray to deepen our relationship with God, with Spirit, with the Divine, the Presence. Whatever you want to call that Power that is everywhere. I believe in a loving, compassionate God and, for me, prayer is an intimate conversation with Spirit within my heart.

Don't get me wrong, I want my share of the stuff of life that makes life fun, fulfilling and filled with my heart's desires! I have experienced the power of prayer all my life. When I am disciplined in my prayer work, I have consistent miracles. Through the power of prayer I have miraculously paid off more than $80,000 in debt, I've been presented with property deals I could purchase well below market rates, I found my adoring husband, I've felt the peace that surpasses all human understanding during low points in my life, experienced favorable outcomes at meetings and discovered new and enhanced talents and skills.

It is through prayer that I find strength, courage and wisdom to implement whatever steps Divine guidance has given me to do to bring into manifestation my heart's desires. Because behind my heart's desires is the expression of Spirit. Behind the desire to be a model is the desire to express Spirit's beauty, behind the desire of health is the desire to express the vitality, wholeness & well-being of Spirit, behind every desire is the desire to express the Higher nature of God; Creativity, Generosity, Grace, Wisdom, Compassion, Joy and all that God is.

Like I said earlier, I believe in a loving, compassionate God. So the kind of prayer that I pray is reflective of that love. I use the power of affirmative prayer to anchor my awareness of the oneness with Spirit and heal anything in my mind, body and spirit that’s not in alignment with that Truth, with the Divine. I invite you to do the same.

(If you are unfamiliar with affirmative prayer and would like the simple steps what you can do, sign up for our newsletter and one will be sent to you. You can also take a look at our new book, My Prayer Journal, which includes the steps.)

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