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Really Live Today

Anthony Burgess, the novelist, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at age 40.  At the time, Burgess was working as a teacher and had already published several novels.  But when he got the devastating news, he made a decision about how he would provide for his wife after his death.  His answer was to become a full-time writer.

It has been said that during “the last year of his life,” he wrote five & a half novels.  Ultimately, his cancer went into remission.  Instead of dying, he embarked on a lifelong career as a novelist, winning multiple awards and earning great fame for his book “A Clockwork Orange” which was turned into a movie by legendary director Stanley Kubrick.  He died at the age of 76 of lung cancer.

Can you imagine what could you achieve if you lived like you only had a year left?  Not the doingness, but livingness & lovingness! Seeing the beauty around you, loving your family and friends, truly expressing your creativity!

OK – so can you challenge yourself to live, just for a today, like you only had a year left?  What would you do today?  Can you do some form of that today?  Me, I’m writing the part of the new story that’s in my head.  I may not have all of it yet, but that’s ok!

Conversations ‘Bout the Girls, a fresh, inspiring performance piece, is about the relationship women have with their breasts. It brings into view the mysterious, sometimes misunderstood, and often controversial realm of women’s bodies and body images. and often controversial realm of women’s bodies and body images.

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