• Sonia Jackson

My Looks Propel Me to My Desires

Ever look in the mirror and disapprove of something you saw?  I’ll admit it.  I have.  I used to avoid mirrors.  I used to say to myself that I wanted to be pretty.  Underneath, I really think I meant that I wanted to be “Hollywood Beautiful.”  Yes, I was one of the many women brainwashed by “Wall Street Media.”  For a variety of reasons, I was left to my own devices as a child at home and at school I believed the unwarranted tauntings I received.

During Sylvester Stallone’s birth, his mother suffered complications during labor and two pairs of forceps were used on him.  This misuse accidentally severed a nerve and caused paralysis in parts of Stallone’s face.  That “Stallone Look,” the snarl and slightly slurred speech is the result of the paralyzation of the lower left side of his face, including parts of his lip, tongue and chin.

I wonder if Stallone received unwarranted tauntings.

Yes, he’s a man and it may be different but it’s also not.  You know what I mean.  Whether or not he’s your style, Stallone is one of most successful actors; wrote and starred in three-Oscar-winning Rocky movies, which became a franchise and got steps of Philadelphia Art Museum named after him.

He took what he had, found the perfect niche for what he wanted to do, focused on that and voila!

My feet don’t get angry with my legs.  My hair sometimes winces at my hands but never holds a grudge.   Same with my skin.  I’ve burned it, scrapped it, stretched it, dirtied it and who knows what else.  (Well, I do, but that’s all I’ll say for now.)  It just keeps repairing itself.  Why should my mind be bothered by what my eyes see when I see myself in the mirror?

So – my new decision? Because it really is only a decision.  I’m my beautiful!  And what’s more, my looks propel me to my desires!  What’s your decision?

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