• Sonia Jackson

Being With Someone On Their Journey

There was a Special Olympics race and eight children took off at starter signal. At the head of the pack, one girl clearly took the lead while in the back one boy, tripped, fell and began to cry.

The leader, a girl with Down syndrome heard her opponent’s anguish and though set to win she stopped and ran back to the boy. When she reached him, she gingerly dropped down and gave him a kiss on the knee and then she wiped away his tears.

When the other runners saw what was going on they also turned around and ran back. Together they pulled the boy up, then they set off to finish the race.

As the children approached the finish line it was hard to find a dry eye among the spectators. The runners came toward the finish line with their arms linked, absolutely delighted to be together.

- adapted from Relationships of Grace, by Chris Karcher

Sometimes sharing stories is just being with someone on their walk, their journey.

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