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My Prayer Journal is filled with beautifully poetic prayers to help you in all that you may encounter in a moment, a day, or over the course of a lifetime.  The book offers insight for those who have incorporated prayer into their lives for years, while remaining easily accessible to people who are new to the idea of Spirit. 

My Prayer Journal provides space opposite each prayer for your personal thoughts and reflections, as well as a simple guidelines for affirmative prayer. 

Sonia Jackson is a Creatist – an artist who expresses herself creatively in a myriad of ways.  Following a spiritual path since birth, Sonia spent the past 33 years focusing on New Thought

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teachings. A formal Prayer Sayer for more than 25 years, Sonia has spoken more than 12,000 prayers. She is committed to allowing her creative expression to guide her every action and activity, and believes we all have unlimited potential. Some of us purposefully access it, in others it's dormant, and still others live somewhere in-between.


A great way to access your unlimited potential is through the Power of Prayer.  Prayer takes us beyond our circumstances and releases us to something greater, if we are willing. 

My Prayer Journal is for you.   Easy to use.  Easy to understand. And easy to relate to because the prayers are YOURS.  Click on the book to order your copy today, and allow the prayers to open your heart and access what is possible.