Old-Fashion Wisdom for a New Generation

Written, Produced & Performed by Sonia Jackson



MAMAISMS is Old-Fashioned Wisdom for a New Generation. What we learn from Mama is truly timeless. We all know the Mamaisms, “Because I said so!” “Eat that food, there are starving children in the world!” or “Say that again and I’ll wash your mouth out with soap!” And, we have our own relationship to each one. Sonia Jackson gracefully balances both comedy and drama to uniquely present the criticism or praise, hostility or peace of growing up.


Sonia’s character work is remarkable and takes us on a roller coaster of universal themes about grandmas, mamas, children and mothering. Sonia’s grandma guides a multi-generational cast of characters of little boys and girls playing, teens discovering, mamas tending and more to tell the stories that make us think about how to parent well and how to just be thoughtful, mindful and kind in life.


Mamaisms premiered to a packed house at the largest solo theatre festival on the West Coast SOLOFEST 2019 at the Whitefire Theatre. Come, be reminded, laugh and cry at the Mamaisms we grew up with and maybe learn a new one or two!"

The Whitefire Theatre presents


live-streaming on

November 8, 2020 @ 6 pm

Audience Comments

"I loved how the production used sound and music; the various scenarios presented are excellent teaching tools for parenting and/or parenting education topics (i.e., using a mistake for teaching life lessons) in an entertaining way! ‘Mamaisms’ reminded me of the fact that many times we do not realize the “money” and finances of life & parenting and that money and paying bills are a major factor for “mamas”! I also found it very interesting how you touched on various realities for “mamas”, i.e., like the prop of the mailbox and how you actually went through the mail, that was surreal!"

- Dorothy J. James

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