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I'm Gonna Fly

I'm Gonna Fly

I'm Gonna Fly is based on the life of Bessie Coleman, America's first black aviatrix.

Bessie Coleman was born January 26, 1892, the twelfth of thirteen children. Her dream -to be a pilot.  Unfortunately, the social climate in the United States, at the time, forced her to look elsewhere for training. Europe welcomed her. Upon returning to the States, Bessie was determined to live her life as a flyer.  I'm Gonna Fly, a one-woman play, tells the story of Bessie's life and is about what made Bessie so extraordinary.  Her desire, her drive and her determination to live her dream.

I'm Gonna Fly captured three NAACP Nominations when it originally debuted in 1987.  They were Sonia Jackson, Best Actress; Bibi Besch. Best Director and Rolande Guizart, Best Set and Costume Design.

I'm Gonna Fly has been performed in a variety of venues from theatres to church basements to loft apartments including The Museum of Flying, The Inglewood Playhouse, and The Agape International Spiritual Center.  Staging, sound and lights are simple and require minimal advance preparation. The show is backdropped by a set that consists of parachutes and gives a feeling of being among the clouds.

In an effort to inform the world of people who have made a contribution to humanity, we invite you to consider offering I'm Gonna Fly in your school, organization or community.


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NAACP Nominations Honor Los Angeles' Black Theater Artists

"...Members of the NAACP's legitimate theatre committee have announced the nominees for the group's second annual Theatre Awards.  Chairwoman Patricia Bell explained, "We look for plays that deal significantly with Black issues or have significant Black roles."

Among the nominations:

I'm Gonna Fly
Best Actress - Sonia Jackson

Sylvie Drake - LA Times