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A celebration of breasts in all their many names, shapes and sizes!

The Play

Conversations ‘Bout the Girls examines a woman’s relationship with her breasts and how that relationship is or is not changed by the world around her.  Similar in form to "The Vagina Monologues," it is poignant, funny, and thought provoking as it touches upon subjects such as when we first notice our breasts beginning to grow, the trauma that may have been associated with buying our first bra, the heartbreak after receiving news that we have breast cancer and the journey of healing that it brings.


It evokes many emotions;  joy, sadness, relief, grief and so many more.  It is a play about all women, the journey through the multitude of stages of becoming a woman and the emotions that go with that journey.  It is an opportunity to digest the various phases of womanhood and the challenges that all of us can face at one time or another.

Conversations ‘Bout the Girls is about discovery, discovery that we have the courage to go through any obstacle with love and laughter.  To discover that we can be proud of who we are, even when parts of our bodies have been taken away.  We come away feeling like we can conquer the world, and we can.

The Stories—

Sometimes it seems we were not adequately prepared for the transformation from little girls into young ladies and then into women.  Conversations ‘Bout the Girls is an engaging blend of women’s stories about this transformation that we, as women, relate to, woven together to reveal the feminine mystique.  From hilarious to heartbreaking, the stories are touching, embarrassing and moving experiences and give the audience a greater understanding of what it is to be a woman.

Each monologue of Conversations is designed so that it can be done anywhere and everywhere with props that can be found in almost any home. 

The Show—

Conversations ‘Bout the Girls can be considered to be edu-tainment and therefore, appropriate for both men and women, from young adult to elders.  It can be scaled to fit any program and any setting from an intimate living room presentation to a conference/convention precursor to a full-scale theatrical production.

Segments of the play can be selected to create a comfortable running time anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes.  It can be performed as a staged reading or a full-fledged staged production, as well as something in-between, and is structured to be performed with a cast of one to eight women.

The Cast—

Conversations ‘Bout the Girls is best when presented with an ethnically and physically diverse cast of women who possess a range of sizes, weights, hues and shapes.  The cast size will be contingent on the length of time available to perform and are, generally, drawn from the community where the play will be performed.

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