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The Home of Sonia Jackson Theatre.

As an established actress in film & TV, I love to bring audiences to laughter or tears through comedy and drama! Years of experience as a spiritual practitioner and writer also ensure a transformative journey for anyone watching my performances. My one-woman shows reveal unconsidered thoughts and illuminate the little absurdities of life that empower, uplift and unleash greater potential in the viewer.

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Sonia Jackson

When put in ballet classes at age seven to help straighten her legs, Sonia Jackson discovered she loved performing. That same year, she wrote, directed and performed in her first Christmas pageant. In school, it was math and dance or dance and math.

After graduating from Chapman College in Orange, California with a BA in Sociology, Sonia entered the corporate world in Human Resources in industries like banking and aerospace.



“Through Sonia’s coaching and writing process, I have an access to view my life as the witness. I am authoring myself by writing the life story with humor and a new found love for self.”

— Holly Alsop

Upcoming show!


A Binge Fringe Festival Encore Performace

July 9, 2021 @ 6 pm  (PT, US)

A FREE livestream event!

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